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V.No. Ever since Nepal was divided into 14 zones and 75 districts in 2018, the area occupied by the current Letang municipality remained as the northern part of Morang district. No. In the year 2071, Letang and Bhogteni G.V.S. Together, Letang Bhogteni Municipality was formed. According to the report of the Local Level Restructuring Commission 2073 during the restructuring of the state of the Federal Republic of Nepal adopted by the Constitution of Nepal 2072, 1 No. All except the wards, wards 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Jante Village Development Committee and all the wards of Warangi Village Development Committee have been combined. Letang municipality was created on 27/11/2073.

Letang municipality is located at 260 20' to 260 53' north latitude and 870 16' to 870 41' east longitude. Letang Bazar is the center of Letang municipality which is connected with two rural municipalities in the northern part of Morang district. The headquarters of Morang district is located at a distance of 49 km from Biratnagar to the north. Looking at the map of Letang municipality, the north-south direction is Lamcho. There are currently 9 wards in Letang Municipality. The time structure of its construction is as follows. : 1. Ward No. 1 :- Combining Ward No. 2, 3 and 4 of former Letangbhogteni municipality. 2. Ward No. 2 :- Combining Wards No. 5 and 6 of former Letangbhogteni Municipality. 3. Ward No. 3 :- Ward No. 7 of Savik Letangbhogteni Municipality only. 4. Ward No. 4 :- Ward No. 8 of Savik Letangbhogteni Municipality only. 5. Ward No. 5 :- Combining Ward No. 9 and 10 of former Letangbhogteni municipality. 6. Ward No. 6 :- Ward No. 11 of Savik Letangbhogteni Municipality only. 7. Ward No. 7 :- Combining Wards No. 1 to 9 of Savik Barangay Village. 8. Ward No. 8 :- Ward No. 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7 of Savik Jante Village are combined. 9. Ward No. 9 :- Savik Jante Village by combining Ward No. 8 and 9.

To reach the office of Letang Municipality, one has to go from district headquarters Biratnagar to North Itahari or from Pushpalalchok to Kanepokhari via Biratchok and from there 8 km to the north. This municipality also includes Terai terrain and the Mahabharata mountain range which is cold for twelve months. Geographical heterogeneity is the main feature of this municipality. This municipality is a metropolitan city of Morang district and one of the eight municipalities including hilly terrain.

The border of the municipality is connected with Miklajung rural municipality in the east, Kerabari rural municipality in the west, Chaubise rural municipality of Dhankuta district in the north and four local levels of Morang in the south: Belbari municipality, Pathari Shanishchere municipality, Kanepokhari village municipality and Urlabari municipality. Even though the geographical environment of the municipality is different, there is a situation where development works have to be done competitively with neighboring municipalities.

In terms of land use of this municipality, which extends through the Terai and Chure areas to the Mahabharata mountain range, most of the land is occupied by agricultural areas and forests. According to the 2078 census, the population of this municipality is 38152 people. Its area is 219.23 square km. has been The population density here is 174 people per square kilometer. Currently, according to the on-site survey 2080 conducted by Letang municipality for the city profile, it appears that there are 8664 households and a population of 38117 in this municipality. Currently, the population density per square kilometer is 173.86. Analyzing on this basis, Letang Municipality is among the municipalities with the lowest population and the lowest population density among the nine municipalities of Morang District.

Letang municipality occupies 3.32 percent of Morang district's total population of 1148156 (according to 2078 census) and 11.82 percent of total area of 1855 square kilometers. 1. Political and administrative boundaries To the east: Miklajung Rural Municipality To the west: Kerabari Rural Municipality North: Chauvise Rural Municipality of Dhankuta District To the south: Patharishanishchare Municipality, Belbari Municipality, Kanepokhari Rural Municipality and Urlabari Municipality. 2. Political and administrative divisions Constituency No. : 1 Wards : 9 Nos District: Morang State no. : one (1) For more information, see the city profile at https://letangmun.gov.np/ne/publications.